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Trials and Triumphs of Taking the Back Roads to Somewhere

There is nothing better than a drive to nowhere. It’s one of those rare moments when we focus on the journey instead of the destination. It’s a chance to take that risk and explore a new road. No specific destination, means no specific obligations of time. A drive becomes the much needed respite of an often preoccupied mind.

In the day to day life of a busy mom like myself, I typically only drive to get from point A to point B, while pondering what I need from D and if point H is possible. Mapping our journey is an essential part of it– and as I have realized, it too easily can distract us from experiencing our journey. In fact, we can be so lost in our mapping that we aren’t even aware of what may be happening to us during the experience. A wrong turn, a missed exit (or opportunity) becomes the result of when we only seek to travel instead of being the traveler.

Well, today, my travels bring me here to writing this blog–even with all the missed exits and wrong turns taken my destination is still at the same place it was when I began my travels. No, I have not taken the direct and neatly outlined path to where I am going. I’ve been lost more than I care to admit on many back roads— but what I have learned is that all roads lead somewhere. Yes, I have found dead-ends, but that just meant I needed to turn around. And this is my turn around, my life do-over–and this time I’m going to take the road as it comes. Instead of being primarily concerned with where I’m going—I’ll travel onward in the style of a drive to nowhere with the knowledge I will get to my somewhere when I need to arrive there.

For this series of entries, I will share all the trials and triumphs I encounter as I officially undertake this life do-over. I can only wonder where I will be in a year from now…but I won’t dwell on that potential “where” because I know I’m already on my way there now.

Buckle up passengers, I have feeling that this is going to be a ride you want to sleep through.

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