The 32 year old teenager…

Even the recent birth of my second child has not convinced me I am officially an adult. I am a victim of a my apathetic generation– one of those who somehow did not get their feet firmly planted while they entered in adulthood. Still, I remain clueless as to what I want to be when I grown up–  my mind has not grasped the idea that am an adult, at the age where I am expected to have it together– haha. At least, I know I am not the only one of my generation afflicted by this condition. In fact, I know of many older adults, my mom for example, that find themselves in a professional limbo.

1 thought on “The 32 year old teenager…

  1. Written in April 2011— finally publishing–and how I wish that was my rant now…what a difference a year makes…

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