Lack of Inspiration…

Life in general has been feeling fairly uninspired lately. As someone who considers herself to be an aspiring writer-not having an interesting topic I feel absolutely driven to compose a discourse about is about as big of an obstacle I can imagine and one I am currently directly facing.

A screaming toddler, grumpy husband, tolerated through the lenses of PMS moodiness, of course, do not help the cause. However, despite these snags, they can be used for some benefit—every time we encounter a snag in our life, we discover just a little bit more about the fabric we are made of. So when you consider all of the snags I’ve encountered, using the my previous logic, I should be more than aware of what fabric I am. Thus, if I know the fabric I am made of, then I should have pretty good idea about what purpose my “fabric” should serve. Well, I can tell you one thing for certain on that point— I’m not quite sure of the “exact” purpose of this fabric, but I know what it will NOT be a part of.

I sincerely apologize to those of you who have stuck with this wordy whine—and I must admit, I have barely even started. Hopefully, at the end of this entry I will come to some epiphany like conclusion and feel closer to having that Ah-hah moment where clarity and revelation are suddenly revealed for the my life course. However, I must warn you that the chance of that occurring is very unlikely and you, my reader & myself, are likely to just be more confused.

Actually, I’m really looking forward to not having to write these pondering entries of self-discovery and frustration with how little I seem to know about myself. Ever since I was nine years-old, I used my journal to battle out my uncertain emotions in—usually I was able to find some consolation in my written and often tear-run pages.

As an adult, I find less time to turn to my journal, in fact, I find less time to even try to process my emotions. Maybe that is why I am so darned tired. I am constantly carrying these feelings all day—with no place to put them. Then to top it off—I consider myself to be an empath—someone sensitive to feeling the emotions felt by others—and I seriously feel overwhelmed by feeling most days.

And now instead of reserving my emotional battles to a notebook—now I am trying this blog format. Leaving all my humanity out there for the world to judge. But hey, I’m a writer and I better get a tougher skin. Besides, none of my “readers” will be able to consider me a coward—or afraid to express the good, bad, and grotesque. In addition to blog entries regarding my thoughts on “my life”, (I know how utterly boring and egotistical to think anyone would even read them) I will also soon be publishing poetry—hoping one day to receive the validation every poet aspires to receive, to become published and paid.

I long for the days when I would get lost in words. When I used to be involved in a writing project—all of my focus was devoted to the searching for the perfect combination of words. That passion that consumed me while I was in a process of creation—was the what was I truly pursuing. It is being so actively involved in the process that there is no other moment existing in time, except for that moment of now. The product, of course was always enjoyable, but now I see that my joy in poetry never came from the poem itself—but rather the poem’s creation. After, giving birth to my son and seeing the miracle of truly creating a another life, I see why my poetry writing was so vital for my soul’s contentment.

October 17, 2004, was the last day I seriously spent devoted to the creation of a poem I was completely invested in. Three days later, I found out that Jonathan was already in place to be the next creative project I would be devoted to perfecting. And now, three and half years later, I have had little time or energy to return to the tunnel-vision focus to create a poem or writing I would consider to be a quality piece of writing.

Perhaps, just perhaps, a quality piece of writing will eek its way out while I compose entries for this blog— we shall see or read…

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