25 Things

  1. I’m not where I thought I’d be at 30 —and in fact I’m still thinking about exactly where that is & what and who I will be…
  2. My son’s due date was a surprise (well, so was my son)— June 25th, 2005- the same date my husband and I had originally planned to be married. Thank God the hall we had booked was available 6 months ahead of schedule and my dress still fit perfectly when we took our vows.
  3. My name is Amanda, and I am addicted to PJ’ s and my techie gadgets.
  4. Scared that my 3 year old is smarter than me.
  5. Has developed an extreme emotional reaction to any violent scene where purposeful cruelty is inflicted.
  6. I still have ambitions of obtaining my MFA in Poetry writing.
  7. I’m an excellent proofreader and editor —except with my own writing– as evident in my Facebook status updates.
  8. My husband calls me a walking contradiction.  I love the organic/ natural lifestyle and I’m addicted to playing with the latest technologies!
  9. Raising a kid is a lot harder than I ever expected. I never seem to live up to my own expectations of what  mommy-hood should be— at least the little guy loves me all the same.
  10. Though I’ve been disappointed in life– I wouldn’t change who I am at all and who I am becoming.
  11. Am firmly convinced that bad things happen for good reasons— of course we never know that until later.
  12. Proud to admit I am rich in faith and spirit and poor in possessing the things that many are proud to have.
  13. However, on that note, I really want to have our own home– at least we’re working on it, instead of watching it crumble and slip right through our fingers.
  14. I’m an Indigo, and if you know what that means– cool!
  15. Feel most like myself when investigating spiritual evolution and writing poetry.
  16. Hate modern medicine and thinks apathy is lethal.
  17. Thinks more people should care about their actions and the impact they leave on others.
  18. Still struggles with being on time– some things never change…
  19. Is eager to add to our little family— Jonathan really wants a baby sister.
  20. Is a proud ex-smoker!
  21. Is proud to admit that I had to do absolutely nothing f0r 3 months for the sake of my life and Jonathan’s.  Bed rest is notas easy as it sounds— no wonder I’m still so tied to my computer.
  22. Fell in love with my husband the moment we met— though it took another 2 years until we actually dated.
  23. Know what it’s like to be on the other side of the law, and would not recommend it.
  24. Have more empathy for people and their circumstances than I would care too.
  25. Appreciate the fact you took the time to read this. Thank you!

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